Therapy Session Six

March 2nd, 2021

Oh my has one year flown by. I am now sitting here finally at therapy session six.

I’ve neglected my health in more than one way during this pandemic. Hoping its all something I can fix.

My most favorite therapist from last year is seeing face to face, but seeing her this time hadn’t been the same. I tell her I feel so alone.

Small talk never kept my interest. Maybe she’s just off today. I pay attention to her body language and she goes to grab her phone.

I deal with being distracted easily every day. I recognize this problem and hope I can get it under control.

I asked her about substance abuse counseling (SAC), I know it will do some good for my soul.

The next day the SAC had a cancelation and got me right in. I anxiously tried telling her my story in a two hour time frame. Nothing but the cold harsh truth.

Certain treatment plans and goals were discussed. I am so ready to no longer use.


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