Hidden Beauty

June 27th, 2020

Dark disastrous clouds form. Bringing him not only darkness but negativity and greed. The black clouds over take the true beauty of this world. This world is not what it could be.

Just like that on a downward slope we go, true colors of people begin to show. The active world suddenly goes into quarantine for months.

Losing people not only to murder but now is sickness, a sickness that came out of nowhere and now all you see is signs stating masks required before entering.

This one certain sickness killing over 450,000 of our people and the statistics keep rising. Greed and hatred from our neighbors. The lies, the selfishness, and the killing begins.

Major chaos comes our way. Is there something we can prevent? Is this something we can stop?

All I know is to show one another that we care and no one is alone. Bring peace to the world we all no we need it.

See the world’s true beauty hidden behind all this chaos and destruction and learn to enjoy it while we can.

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