You’ll Find Love Again One Day

November 4th, 2018

A couple years go by and she’s sitting outside on a rainy early Sunday morning. She was out of what she knew environment but for once it was okay. His presence lingered .

He who has loved her like no other. But, he had ways that could cut your emotions and make you feel so small. Oh his words sometimes.

She reminisce on a time years ago when they were out on some adventure in the middle of the night to see the stars. He had the perfect spot for her.

She thought about how she followed him through the woods. The stars were blinded by the trees above them. He grabbed her hand and told her we are here. Then both climb up a deer stand. Oh to the Netherlands.

The stars have never shined so bright. Boy did she fall in love that night.. From the look in his eyes to the way he held her so tight. No this is not a dream.

He says honey its time for bed. And, I said.. Okay, sugar. One more cigarette.

Amber Lee

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