With Just A Hello

April 28th, 2019

A reminder for you.

Speak as you’re a glowing angel reminding someone about their worth.

When this takes place, the spirits of that person the angel is speaking to gradually brightens.

Something so simple being said, can make the most extravagant miracle occur.

When one gets acknowledged and compliments on things such as accomplishments, they grow confidence.

When a person gains confidence, their spirit begins to shine. I believe they must feel better over all than when they didn’t have much confidence. They are well aware of their worth and know what their goal and purpose is here on earth.

So many people don’t hear these things enough. You see sadness, depression, negativity and so many more horrible things when someone doesn’t understand their worth or their importance here on earth is. It brings chaos and even death and it’s devastating.

With just one simple compliment or a simple hello, you can change someone’s entire day and make it better.

Imaging this.

If we were to compliment or say hello to everyone we came in contact with and it made them have a better day.. Everyone would be so much more happier. There would be so much more beauty with connections and relationships from one person to another.

Do you know how much more peaceful this planet would be. I don’t know about you. But, I can dig it. Can You?

Peace, Love, Avacado,

Amber Lee.. – The Thinker of The Bigger Picture

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