The Voices in my Ear

February 12th, 2019

The sounds of their soft toned voices are my reassurance that I have a purpose here on Earth.

It’s something I have to hear every day. If one day goes by with out speaking to them, my whole world caves in as the skies turn to charcoal gray. My chest becomes so heavy as if a large weight was holding me down.

My mind becomes in a daze, the emotions I was feeling were gone. I feel as I am nothing, I am numb.

Whatever will I do, if I ever may lose you two. You are my dreams, my everything wrapped in a two piece bundle.

I think on the days when you grow older and journey through this life. I pray you stay strong and carry a smile at all times.

Past Pluto I love you, and I love you more than you love me.. My babies, my loves, my wonderful dreams. All mine you are, you both mean so much. Always and forever you will always have my love.

To my beautiful children,

We will get through this my little warriors. 31 days from now, will be the verdict on where you guys go to live permanently.. Whatever may happen, know you both are very strong individuals and can conquer the World! I love you two!

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