The Spiritual Awakening

July 16th, 2019

He looks out over the horizon. The beautiful amber sunset colors are flooding the never ending skies with waves of red, orange, pink, some blue as well as purple. Something you’d see on a five dollar postcard, with “Wish you were here to see this beautiful planet as it is!” all over it.

His mind goes into a tranquil daze, he wishes to be successful and to have a wife and kids one day. He craves for better job opportunities, to be able to go to national monuments, travel around the world after retirement. At times, he feels like that is just wishful thinking.. Other times, he is so confident and you’d would imagine very successful.

Suddenly, reality hit him hard in the face. He must make his way to his place of employment and work his rear end off professionally and doing something he was so passionate about. It was more of a hobby instead of a job. The person he can transform into is something major.

He seems to have more bad days than good though. He feels he has no potential some days. He can’t seem to get out of his head. Irrational and destructive behavior over comes his body and he just blazes through his home after work that evening. He is a dark hurricane. Upset with himself, feeling so much regret. He knows what he is capable of and he’s not doing close to what he could be.

All of a sudden, he stops. His vision becomes narrow and begins to blur. Everything around him, frozen in a few seconds of time, including the helpless body he calls his own. Silence had overcame his home. Stuck, and can’t locate the way out.

The memories that flood his mind are so vivid and of his past. He was laying on the bathroom tile gasping for air. Over his head was a tightly wrapped trash bag that was eliminating any air to reach his lungs. Out of no where, he was able to breath more easily. Still to this day, he has no idea who his guardian angel was watching over him. A suicide attempt that failed. His story couldn’t be over yet.

Immediately after those haunting thoughts, come more horrific glimpses of his past come along. He tries over and over again to escape from these overwhelming images, but he is unsuccessful. He gives up hope more and more each thought that replays.

He’s got to figure out his escape route, come up with a plan, follow through with achieving his goals. Bring himself away from this dark chaotic hole he has been held captive in for so long. Breaking away from bad habits and removing all toxic things and people from his life. How will he ever do this and be successful, be the person he dreams he could be.

Concentrating hard on regaining full control of his mind. He repetitively tells himself that he will be successful at all his goals. Adrenaline rushes through his bones, he feels undefeatable and on top of the world. His mind becomes so strategic. He becomes eager to do better and wants to achieve the goals he sets for himself.

He gained self esteem and confidence. He started achieving a few goals that had been made. He set more, and was very successful with them. He made great accomplishments in life, plenty others could only dream of achieving. He becomes addicted to the challenge of life events and the choices with it all as well.

He learned to be successful and genuinely happy by being more in tune with his self. Knowing his own emotions and has control over his life. Being well aware of good choices and bad choices that will always arise. Being able to make responsible decisions and continuing to advance his positive things in his life.

Find the good energies of the world, be kind and show respect towards others. Involve yourself in uplifting activities and thoughts. Exercising daily and keeping up with your health is a plus. Stay far away from bad energies, from the dark mysteries of life. For they will not promise you success.

Believe in your self as you take care of yourself mentally and physically. Love yourself first. Stay on the path of achievement of all dreams and goals. Love others unconditionally. Try to always be true to yourself and to others.

Peace, Yoga, Love, Avacado

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