The Poem of the Omen

August 26th, 2019

Artist – Tanya Shatseva

The images are so vivid. Into the early morning hours, the clock has a heavy tick.

My lifeless body falling through the never ending river of blue clouds. No parachute attached to my body. I begin to panic.

Beneath me is the earths hard surface. My eyes, as open as they can be. I was captivated by the beauty of this world. Many emotions began to overwhelm me.

I wasn’t flying alone, beautiful Blue Jay’s flew amongst me. Leading the way through the royal blue skies. So wild and care free.

Gracefully we fly together for a while. The higher we get, the faster my heart begins to race.

This view I have makes my mind flow rapid. If I could share this image with the world, I could only imagine the look on everyone’s face.

In the distance was something so familiar. Every hair on my body raises. Like a hawk, the white owl doesn’t take his eyes off me.

This owl and I know each other well. But we’ve never spoke a word. Why is he reappearing, never do I dream..

The role he plays are in my frequent nightmares. Some times I fear him. Other times, he comforts me when I am scared.

In the dark with these hazel eyes closed. The Omen, The Poet first appears. Constantly, I think if anyone still cared?

The Omen, The Poet, his presence is now near. Only as I’m falling, having that familiar nightmare.

I am always into feelings, nightmares, and all sorts of other random things. Art is one of my number one interests.

I follow this wonderfully talented artist on Facebook. She is absolutely by far my favorite artist of these times. Her name is Tanya. She works with alot of different textures and just top of the line work.

One day, she posted a pic with the caption stating she wanted to know what’s the main subject of our nightmares…

Well, along with a million and ten other people I had to share mine. And, if I’m not mistaken.. She painted it loud and clear. I love how she made it hers though. Unique.

Go check her out on her website –

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