The Love You Deserve

March 3rd, 2019

I hope she can love you in ways I couldn’t. The butterflies you give her makes her smile.

I only know this to be a fact, because I felt butterflies. But, mine only lasted a short while.

You deserve love that is pure and full of laughter.

The love I gave you, chaotic it only ended with disaster.

I am writing these deep words from the bottom of my heart.

I am not jealous and nor am I wishing we weren’t so far apart.

I have moved on, you’re a faded memory. But, I wish the best for you.

I hope she gives you the love you need, so that way you never feel blue.

Memories that will always haunt me, and time will only heal..

You deserve the type of love, the kind of love that you both feel.

Remember to hold her hand and kiss her cheek as often as you can.

I know the love you can give, and I hope she will understand.

He is made of gold. Please cherish the love he gives to you.

So kind and genuine. Good looking and his heart is rich, his love is true.

Be the woman you are, the woman of his dreams, his intentions are the best.

Please keep his light glowing, he’ll care for you like no other. For this is your ultimate test.

I hope you can understand what I am saying, for I have moved on.

I hope you guys jam out to both your favorite songs.

You deserve to be loved, and I know he will love you well.

For no one should ever feel as if every day they are living in hell.

Keep him close and he will bring you joy.

Don’t play with his heart though, for he is not a toy.

Kiss his forehead, he will smile so greatly.

Make sure he knows you care, please show and tell him that daily.

XOXO – Amber.. The Ghost of His Past

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