Never Will I Ever.

November 29th, 2019

There’s Something I’ll Never Get Over.

The way you loved me. Also, the way you’ve broken my soul.

Oh, I have never had a love like yours. It was so magical and pure.

Magical like the ones who appear out of no where, jumping in and out of reality..

Pure like an innocent new born baby… Oh, your love once saved me.

I remember the warmth of your embrace when you held me so tight.

Like a fire keeping all warm on a cold winter night.

Take it a season back. The autumn leaves started falling and whispering away in the wind.

Our love starts falling.. Beautiful beginnings and a gloomy end.

The deep cuts in heart bleed, you ripped me into pieces.

My reaction I cant control, my heart freezes.

Its so cold, like a tile floor in the middle of a December night.

You’re so blue now, begging for your life.

I’ll let you keep it, for I am not God.

But, always remember when you see me.. To always, ALWAYS Thank God.


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