My Thoughts That Always Haunt Me

March 31st, 2019

My thoughts that always haunt me…

A vision of how I will leave this world in years to come. The thoughts and visions cloud my mind…

Suddenly all chaos stopped, silence was upon us. It was like everything stopped in time.

Uncontrollable thoughts that come from demons that’s prey on souls like us. The damage demons can do.

Demons have put me through war. A war with myself and a war with love. They made me fall in love with with something illusionary and untrue.

They dance on your shoulders and they put you in a hypnotic trance. The look in your eyes were very intense.

They tell you to do horrible things. Your mind becomes blurry. Nothing is making sense.

I have seen your halo shine from day one. I had thought I had an angel that had blessed me..

Oh, I was so wrong though. So naive, and too blind to see.

You became so cruel and your heart became cold. You shot flames at me with your eyes.

I told myself to have you leave before I became so close. That was right before the beautiful sunrise.

What have I done? Such a fool I am. This is not how things should be between the two of us.

You came to me begging for my love. And I tried to give you everything. Now, you’re gone and I can’t learn to trust.

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