My Love Is Pure, Yet again So Tragic

November 10th, 2018

My whole life is together again, you two will always complete me. We take that drive that seems so short when it comes to our time together. I tell you both to look out the window. And I ask what do you see.. You both look and say we see poetry..

The beautiful sunset is a breathtaking sight. See its no regular sunset. I see life.. They agree.

This world is extravagant as long as we are together. Mom, do you see all the lovely colors?

The deep colors are like my love for you both, so majestic and pure. They both say they love me more..

Come Sunday my sunsets will be gone away, but I look to the skies every night and it seems they are here to stay…

They say we look to the moon and we see you. The time when The skies are no longer blue.

The shining light in the dark is what you are. We love you a million times more mom, we love you the most by far.

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