My Friend I Need You to Be

June 15th, 2019

The aching of my so very cold heart becomes my body as a earthquake that leads to only destruction.

Like glistening raindrops on a cloudy afternoon, puddles of tears fall down this rosy cheeked face.

The behavior of a Lion, so rare the love and desire he has for me. The fairytale love in the movies, true love.. Is what all keep telling me.

But you see, this soul of mine. How stubborn I am indeed. Endlessly the love and care I have for him. But, as my closest best of friend.

Inside he is dying, insanity is what my love makes him feel. He furiously rages just as the lightening strikes through the storm of the night. You see chaos of debris, roughly swirling in the winds.

Imagine the emotions you feel when a child is yelling, begging for help seeking some type of attention.. That sadness is how I feel, my heart grieves for his. A stranger we have become to one another, and only I can make a change. But, I wouldn’t want to ever be that dishonest untrustworthwoman.

Every waking moment I have in this precious time bearing days, I hope you find that one person you desire that desires you just the same way. The love you’ve been craving for years, months and some very lonely days.

I never wanted to cut deeply through that pure heart and shred it as I was some evil monster. I never led you on, time and time again you knew my feelings I have for you. You don’t understand why I don’t love you as the same as you love me…

There you were at the lowest of all my lows, so dark my soul had been. You gave me your shoulder to cry on and always a helping hand. Your heart shining so brightly, similar to a dark night with the brightest moon leading people out of the dark.

Through hell and back, I’ve sent you. You have done so much for me, the stuff you knew I wouldn’t ever ask for. You knew what was best for me, and you made sure it was achieved even if it destroyed your mind, body, and unique soul.

Please take me as your closest friend, the person I call and you always pick up. I care so much about you and I know my words will never be enough proof. Accept my friendship, as for my love is as rare of yours. You see, be my friend and I am still there for you as before..

I’m hoping this makes way to you. Know that I love and care about you.

-Amber Lee

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