Every Day is New, But You.

November 30th, 2018

Oh how I sit around and think of you daily. Your soul was as bright as the Sun.

Not only was you beautiful on the outside but inside as well. You’d give your last to anyone.

From long summer nights with the people we loved the most.

To the night we ran from reality and pretended we were on the east coast.

Everyone always seen the happy side of you. Then some of us got to see a different part of you.

You only showed this side to maybe a select few. All I could ever do, was try to be there for you..

You had bigger plans set out for you though my love. For, you had someone calling you from some where up above..

When, I heard that you were no longer with us in the cold, cruel world. Oh, did we all go crazy. We just wanted our fun girl.

Now I am thankful that you’re watching me from up above, you take me through trials, and taught me how to love.

You were my best friend, when you were here. You’re still my best friend, while you’re up there.

I have you as a guardian angel. What more could I ask for? I miss you so very much Danielle Nicole. Keep on dancing in the sky boo thang. I’ll see you again…

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