Don’t Wake Me Up

January 7th, 2019

He is a dream, that I have on replay.

The way he looks me in my eyes, I feel he is eager to learn more.

The euphoria I get when I hear from him is some what different than anything I’ve felt before.

I want to explore him, for his body has a universe of its own.

I’ve got to know about him. I sense he’s worth more than gold.

I want to know not only of him, but of his children, his parents, his past.

The roots from where he came from, does he know he’s got a love, a love that will last

Rather we are friends, or become something more…

I’ve latched onto his soul, he welcomes me with an open door.

I’m curious of the future.. And the thoughts that run through his mind.

I don’t know, it all seems different. I feel like we never have enough time.

Where ever this road may lead, I’ll feel happiness comes with it.

I am more than ecstatic to take his heart and hopefully run with it…

-Amber, The Hopeless Romantic.

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