November 19th, 2018

Our connectivity is so unique. We are at each other’s faces and we don’t even blink…

The electricity through our connectivity is explicit.

To the exotic lands it takes you. Reminiscing, reminiscing.

There was this time your naked body touching mine. We breathe deeply together..

You penetrate so deep, you’ve become lost within me forever..

I grasp your back with my nails, digging into your body’s playground.

You guide my hips, while you gently kiss me with those luscious lips with glistening droplets of sweat dripping down.

You whisper sweet somethings, as I moan looking so deeply into you.

Together, we climax and together we whisper, “I love you.”

Our connectivity is like none I’ve seen before.

If they could only feel half of what we feel, their love would be forever more.

My spark is gone when you’re not near.

When you’re around, I have no fear.

Boy, our connectivity is some what major. It’s something I can’t control at all.

Our connectivity is so deep, you always know when to catch me before I fall…

Yours Truly,

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