April 12th, 2019

With life, comes heartache, love, tears, and even laughter. But as long as someone is there to listen, you feel okay. Even if they don’t say one word. At least someone was there.

When this certain time comes throughout life, don’t become discouraged. I know that is easier said than done.

Today and for a few days now, I just have been in some type of mist. And, no not a good one.. I’ve been having odd thoughts which include me thinking people who do know and come around me feel obligated to. I feel like I am a bourden.

A bourden to my mother because I am twenty six and living under her roof for the 2nd time. A bourden to my other family members because all they seem to do is bash others on Facebook that absolutely didn’t deserve it one bit. A bourden to my friends as they never show their faces. A bourden to co-workers. Even at times to complete strangers..

Why do I have these thoughts? Why do I let my mind control my every move and action? Why can’t I overcome this hurdle in life??


Amber Lee

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