A Story of Two Hopeless Souls

January 7th, 2019

I walk through this big city at night, wishing she could see what I see.
She never escapes my mind, I wonder if she thinks of me.

As I sit alone I think of all the pain I have caused him and will never forget.
The pain he has caused me, is the most unbearable yet.

I know she’s hurting, I can feel her miles away.
She haunts me in my dreams, she whispers “here I will stay.”

I forgive and try to forget. Oh that’s so very hard.
I can feel him for miles, oh his broken heart..

The dreams of the mountains and the sunflower wedding we wished for.
I’m in the mountains now, and she’s probably in her hometown wishing for more.

As my life has crumbled, I’ll rebuild it again.
He’s no longer a lover, now he’s a distant friend.

Together we know we are the hopeless soul mates. Apart we haunt one another, and it will never change..

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