A Single Glance into Her Eyes

April 30th, 2019

The storm of her thoughts are so intense, those eyes bring you close within.. A single glance into her eyes, and her story starts to unravel.

The chaotic winds take control of you, your energy levels go rapid. Through her mind you wish you could travel.

You can’t help but to stare at her lips as she softly whispers sweet something’s into your ear. The greatest goosebumps down your spine her touch gives. The feeling she gives you at the time is an experience.

With the moon shining through the glass window, a single beam across her unique porcelain face showing her beauty. She began to undress at the edge of the bed. You can’t move, you’re caught in a deep trance.

Every movement she makes, she does so gently and sophisticated. It’s as shes an angel glowing so elegantly.

She is a goddess. Her hair that lays perfectly down her back. She takes your breath away so extravagantly.

Mysteriously she slips into the shadows. The tune she is humming is your favorite song. It takes you to the place you both met. In that small town diner where you fell in love.

You can feel she is near, as you have your eyes closed. Against your body she presses hers. The body heat she shares, so warm. You realized you both have fallen In love.

Your inner core so hot you begin to sweat. You become aroused and lost in a mist you don’t ever want to leave…

Two into one, your spirits become attached. You have visions of pure white light energies of the most sensational feelings run through both our bodies.

Together your souls forever connected.. Near or far, the feelings are shared with one another.. These moments feel so right.

The emotions are so pure. You’re in tune with yourself. Her soul heals you. She guides you through this dark leery night.

Tomorrow you will wake up, you’ll smile so greatly. To see that she had only been a character in a lovely night dream..

Tears indulge your eyes. Thoughts of when you’ll find love. But be patient. For time is constant. Accelerate steady paced and so strategically.

Be kind and true to others. Karma is good and bad. We all need to love one another and bring peace to this mean cruel place.

Succeed with uplifting each other. Keep in mind others feelings and beliefs. Be thoughtful, no matter the face.


Amber Lee Patterson

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