A Lady in my Nightmare

January 15th, 2019

I once knew a girl, she came to me in a nightmare.
She told me her name with a soft spoken voice she asked why would you care?

As pretty as she was I stared captivated.
No words came out as we had conversated.
I couldn’t speak, only air had came out.
I tried to reach for her hand, she begun to shout.
Then suddenly she had vanished with one blink of the eyes.
That morning when I awoke, all I could do was cry.

Days passed me by and always that nightmare came to my mind…

Suddenly the soft spoken girl appeared in a nightmare again.
She looks so sad, and she had only asked for a friend.
I tried to tell her that I’m here,
But, as I opened my mouth no words would appear.

The soft spoken girl held out her hand, I grab it and she smirked.

The smirk she had given me was familiar it seemed..
Oh that mean look that she had given me.
Through the fields of dark shadows we had walked.
All you can hear is the ticking of a clock.
My thoughts had ran rapid, we were at a house I knew well, but how?
The soft spoken girl told me no turning back now.
As we walked into a small bedroom, was a innocent girl crying, the feeling I felt in that moment was sad.

I tried to go help her and just couldn’t.
Oh I wanted to so bad.
I didn’t understand at that point what the soft spoken girl wanted me to see?
I absolutely needed to know, what she’s trying to tell me.
The mother of the crying girl was in the next room over in that small house.
Sitting in a recliner right beside her was the mothers spouse.

Oh my mind is on fast forward.

We both had known the parents, I don’t remember how, but we both knew them very well.
The soft spoken girl mentioned seeing them while we were in hell.
I tried to turn I way, for some reason i didn’t want to see any more.
I tried to leave, but when I tried I had fallen to the floor.

I can’t hear a sound and my vision is dark and blurry.

The soft spoken girls voice had said you won’t survive if you leave but if you must, go through those cracks.
The feeling I felt then, serious like a heart attack.
My body was burning and sweat dripping out my pores.
Some how i managed off that cold floor.
My mind was too curious, what will I discover..
What other mysteries will I approach, who’s secrets get uncovered.
The crying girl screamed, she had startled myself.
My chest had tightened, it was the worst paid I ever felt.
The spouse of her mother is near he looked very mad.
Then all of a sudden again I am feeling sad.
He had told the crying girl to go with him to play their favorite game he reminds her its fun.
It wasn’t fun for her though cause he always won.
Full of anger I charged toward the man and that poor child,
They both vanished and were gone for a long while.

Time is ticking, life is a time bomb.

Months had gone by and no nightmares, most are fine with that.
For some odd reason I felt for that nightmare to make its way back.
Two years, since I had that dream. Time has passed me by.
I’ve had love, heartbreak, and some best times of my life.

In my bed I laid. It was a cool night, I begin to drift away. I was sound asleep. For that night the nightmare was playing again.

I was in a small bedroom in a two bedroom apartment, if my vision is clear.
My body aware of the room and all I can feel is fear.

Appearing in front of me was a lady yelling at this man loud, i was in complete shock.
My heart began to race, suddenly I felt the soft spoken girl looked at me and she asked if i emotion is ticking like a clock..
▪The man had his hands clutched tight around her neck like a tiffany and co black designer choker.
The Only thing in the background was the laugh of the man choking her with him he had a fella with him, he was known as the joker.
▪That night I had watched her fight with that man because of her past.
I tried to save her but i couldn’t. When I tried to the scene changed so very fast.

Maybe in this next scene there’ll be peace and love I remember thinking.

▪My mind was still running wild I had wished it was at ease.
Through the fields of dark shadows, with tall creepy trees.
▪At a shallow creek we stopped, the soft spoken girl had kneeled down to take a drink.
As I had looked into the water at my own reflection. I felt in a daze. The soft spoken girl appears and winks.
▪I’m confused in this moment. I tried to talk to the soft spoken girl who had stood beside me..
But then again nothing came out. I was thinking I had gone crazy.
The trickling water stopped, even the whistling if the leaves in the tree tops.
▪Soft music was playing some where close someone was near.
The feeling of darkness and fear.
▪I searched for the soft spoken girl and she was no where insight.
I hadn’t found her yet it had been morning into that dark night.
▪I was so lost at that time and I wanted to find someone to help.
That was another day of the worst pain that I have ever felt.
▪I head toward the music, it became louder and it stayed playing.
I had heard a few voices, I wondered what they were saying.

Stand still to look camouflaged was the thought that had went through my mind.

▪All of a sudden a funeral had appeared, people were gathered together wearing black.
Where am I? A noise behind me, I felt pain in my back.

A beautiful woman was laid to rest that day. The whole funeral was grieving.
I noticed familiar faces in that crowd. One face though never arose. I stopped breathing.
Im on a black path, I feel the light I must follow
I know for certain I had never felt so hollow.

“Hello are you there?? Where did You go? I was telling you a good story.”

▪For I’m not alive I had not been for a while. My thoughts, I’ve only been thinking.
Thinking of these thoughts I’ll repeat forever,
Because of that grim over there, that grim there reaping.

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