First and foremost, thank you for taking your time to check out this page!

I believe this is my third or fourth attempt on a blog. I will admit that each time has been better than the last.

I think I finally understand a little bit more on what its all about. If you’re just doing it to vent, you probably don’t have to take it as serious as someone that’s trying to profit out of blogging.

My plans are to experiment and see what I get as my outcome. My goal is to grow a loyal and dedicated fan base who follow my every post like a hawk. I would love to have all readers get involved with this site as much as possible.

Eventually after I build a decent sized fan base and get people to re-visit my site frequently and interact with posts, maybe just maybe I’ll have so many fans I could get pre-orders while working on self-publishing my poetry book.

Writing and Art along with reading has always been my most favorite hobbies. I feel like its a way to express emotions, my opinions, my grief.

I would also like to share a word of the week along with a literature piece of the week. I think it would be interesting to share odd random words and their definition weekly. You should have already known I was also going to share some literature of others too. Rather it be a poem, short story, a biography ect along with the author of the work.

I am all ears or must I say eyes when it comes to suggestions and reviews. I always love hearing ways to improve or things to write about. Reviews and Suggestions on the menu button will give you instructions on how to share your thoughts and suggestions.

And the last thing I must tell you, if you’re a writer and have some pieces to share go to the community spot from the menu button and read on how you share your work.

Again, this blog is about literature. My goal is to build a nice fan base who follows me daily, refers my site to others, have interaction with my crowd and eventually self publish a poetry book in the future!

I appreciate every last one of you. 😘

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